The Imperial Senate

The Imperial Senate is a legislative and judicial body that represents regional, economic and religious interests for Imperial citizens. Most Senate seats are either inherited or appointed, with three seats being reserved for absentee Dragons.

Historically, there have always been 100 votes in the Senate, each vote represented by one “Seat,” a Senator appointed by processes determined by those they represent. Most Senators are bound by loyalty to largely vote the way their “Speaker” or interest leader votes, but there have been rebellions.

The exception are the three Dragon seats, each of which command THREE votes. If a Dragon ever actually showed up to vote, it is extremely unlikely that they would be denied.

The Senate is currently in an uproar with a missing Chancellor, a Vice-Chancellor firmly in the pocket of an opposition leader headed for a stare down with a loyalist faction that could lead to bloody civil war. The Empires future literally hangs in the balance, pulled one way or the other by an unwieldy imbalance in the votes.

Currently the loyalist faction commands 34 votes:

Prince Ngumu with a regional economic faction that commands 12 total votes.

Senator Erin Siara’s traditionalist faction that commands 10 total votes.

Admiral Tolan “the Sea Tiger” Rigel who’s military commanders bring in a total of 12 votes.

The loyalists goal is to place Admiral Zheem of the Frostspire on the throne as Regent to Prince Anton the XIV, the Child Emperor.

Meanwhile, the opposition faction largely seems to represent the interests of Baronet Mahrg Atricus, Speaker for Jackarast. But it may now be lead by Duchess Cheryl Chyrelli, the formerly loyal aunt of the deceased Emperor.

The opposition faction currently has 51 votes of which:

17 are controlled by Duchess Chyrelli who controls a regional faction consisting of Senithel and Mellishore. But it is likely she is facing discontent from senators within this faction over her sudden switch of sides. Though other senators are doubtlessly pleased.

9 are controlled by Baronet Mahrg Atricus.

10 are controlled by Sylic Shining Stone, who is a merchant politician, representing powerful economic concerns.

9 are controlled by Holbrook Tarth, the Vice-Chancellor and speaker for the Province of Natreo.

6 are controlled by Archbishop Birtram Tanglefoot, representing the votes of the Church of Elatar. All the Churches votes are held by firm subscribers to the Righteous Order of Elatar, as that Church faction is far more politically ambitious.

The opposition’s goal seems to be to put Baron Tormil Atricus, father of Baronet Mahrg Atricus on the throne as Regent.


With the dragons missing, there are a further 5 votes available in the Senate belonging to Imperium Arcanus. The mages have a long and proud history of abstaining, even when their Speaker is NOT missing. Given the direness of the situation though, the mages 6 votes could make a big difference if they were persuaded to come in on the loyalists side.

The opposition has used it’s superior voting block and it’s control of the Vice-Chancellor to railroad through a confirmation of Tormil Atricus as the regent. Tormil Atricus has been summoned to the capital and is apparently on his way. But there are big questions about whether the vote is legally binding, given the absence of the Chancellor and the gravity of the situation.

The Imperial Senate

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