Church of Elatar

Elatar.jpgElatar is the great smith, maker of the world and sword and ploughshare both. In the beginning, He forged the world and then He smithed the Stars for it pleased him to and then He made Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Halflings in His own image. But there is no God save Elatar and His symbol is the Hammer and Anvil. The light of his forge shall light your path. It’s clamoring shall be as ringing bells that lead you unto salvation. Those who work hard and serve Him well shall be re-forged as Angels in the afterlife, made young and strong and beautiful and shall spend eternity in His Glorious service.

But some angels chose not to serve Elatar, claiming to be, as He was, Gods themselves, and these we know now as Devils, to be cast out and shunned. And yet those who follow them, we should not shun, we should EMBRACE, for it is never too late to accept the warmth and light of his forge! Glory be His Name, for in His Name are all good deeds done and are all folk of good faith sheltered and given comfort. Hammers ring!

Elatar – Pious Order
Domains: Fire, Healing, Good

The Smith sends all souls here to do Work, and part of the Work is suffering! And yet, with this knowledge of His plan, is your suffering lifted from you and your soul set free to exalt! Yes, it is our duty to speak to others of Elatar’s glory, to lead them to the Truth of His Creation! And yet, that rarest gift that He has given us all, our Freedom of Choice yes. Choice to choose his service and salvation and Heavenly reward beyond the veil of Death or to choose the Suffering, and the lack of clarity that comes with rejecting His Love and His Righteousness. Therefore, it is our charge, from Him who is on high, to ACCEPT that which we are. To ACCEPT that which our neighbors are. To look to our lot in life and rather then to aspire to be MORE than what He has given unto us, to strive to be the best we can be at the purpose for which we have been made. Hammers ring!

Elatar – Rightious Order
Domains: Fire, Law, Protection

The Smith has crafted for us a plan, a common purpose, and thus, should all rejoice! For with every soul that accepts their purpose, that looks to Elatar and to His Church for guidance, that accepts the teachings and the traditions, that looks no further for Purpose then to their own Priest and community. For everyone that comes unto us, there is less Suffering to be had in the world. And when, at last, ALL are united in His Glorious Service, than shall Elatar himself descend unto us and walk among us. On that day, shall suffering be lifted from the World and shall the doors of the Celestial Forge be thrown open that all of the Angels, forged of Mortals shall return to dwell among us and hammers shall ring across the land, building, at last, a holy Paradise. Hammers ring!

So are these truths laid down in the Book of Forge and Hammer. Hammers ring!

Church of Elatar

By the Blood of the Emperor thebardingreen