Book of Forge and Hammer

The Forging

1:1 In the beginning there was the Ringing and the Ringing was of a Hammer and the Hammer was of God.
1:2 And the Ringing was the first song, the first joy, the first beauty, for God saw that which He was forging, and it pleased him.
1:3 And God made a plate of iron, flattened on the anvil of Heaven with His Hammer.
1:4 And where His blows struck, were great plains made.
1:5 And along the edges, were mountains risen!
1:6 And when it was too cold to shape, God would return it to the Forge, and thus fire and warmth came into the world.
1:7 And when the shape was just as God wished it, He plunged it into the cold water and thus were seas and oceans, rivers and lakes and rains and all wet things made.

3:11 And He Crafted for each of these many things a place, and was it placed there for His Purpose.

4:19 And of Silver He forged the Stars and of Mithril the Moon and of Gold the Sun.
4:20 And He lit them all of the Fires of His Forge, so it is that the Heavens burn with the Fires of God!

6:14 So He forged, in His image, two people, giving them forms of Male and Female.
6:15 And He named them Amin and Gilea.
6:16 And from them and through them have all Folk since descended.

In Darkness

14:12 So He caused to be forged a great Wall, that the Dead should walk no more amongst the living.

22:11 So in that path that Elatar has wrought for them, shall each child walk.

22:15 The Righteous child lifts not her eyes from the path, but follows the steps that Elatar hath lain for her.

22:18 Yet woe to the child who wonders alone in Darkness.

The Ringing

4:11 I cast thee forth Devil, for His is the Name thou cannot bear!
4:12 Thrice I speak it, Elatar! Elatar! Elatar!
4:13 Thrice the metal is pounded, the hammer falls, the fire flares and the darkness is banished!

7:10 The Heat of the Forge, the Devils cannot abide, and so they wander in the cold!


2:10 Yet the wind troubles me not, for God who is called Elatar hath wrought it with His hand, with the Bellows of Heaven.
2:11 And also, the sand cuts not my feet, nor seeks to bury me, but behold, I walk upon it.
2:12 For it spills onto the world from the Annealing pit of that Smith who labors on high.
2:13 And, clinging to life even in this dry place, see you now the desert rose?
2:14 Smallest and yet most wise of His creations, it eats rare rain and sand and brings blossom where one wouldst not look.


5:15 Yet let he who is Wealthy amongst you render the best part of what he have unto the Church!

17:1 There came a time when a King ruled who was greedy and cruel, and so Elatar disfavored him.

19:17 As, in thine arrogance and pride, thou hast angered and displeased that Smith who labors on high!

22:10 And through Zora, Murk begat Endri, a fair child who was blessed, for she did as her father bid her.

22:17 But through Mirel, who had been the lover of Devils, Murk begat Zeirta, a disobedient and willful daughter.

Jar Kator

10:10 And the Multitude exalted and bore Eriha upon their backs and the priests of Sed-Ra-Nunkt were dismayed.

16:10 Come now ye heathen priests, worshipers of Devils, defilers of boy and beast!

16:22 Felt they then the wrath of He who is on high!

16:30 And thus, the Doom of God was placed upon the heads of the heathens, and they lamented their fate.

16:87 Not Man nor Elf nor Dwarf dare tread in that fell place, for it is cursed in the Eyes of God who is called Elatar!


11:15 In the North is thy home, there shall ye find your freedom, there shall ye find Salvation.

21:16 Whether the Devil calls himself Sed-Ra-Nunkt, or Tasreil, or Am-quish, he is still the Devil.
21:17 There is but One of God and His name is called Elatar.

Book of Forge and Hammer

By the Blood of the Emperor thebardingreen