Prince Ngumu

Crown Prince and Speaker for Zi Zemish


A strong black man in his early 40s. To look at him, there is little doubt that Admiral Zheem is his son. He is often dressed in colorful robes and wears the crown/headdress of his people. He sometimes ceremonially carries traditional Zi Zemish weapons.


Prince Ngumu is, perhaps strangely for the ruler of a conquered nation, an Imperial loyalist. This may be because Imperial rule of his land has enriched his family and it may be because under Imperial rule he’s largely autonomous to do as he pleases. It may even be because his son is the Emperor’s bastard nephew and has prospered in Empire’s service.

Prince Ngumu openly claims Zheem as his son, for in his southern lands it is not unusual for a man to have children with many women and in his culture there is little shame in such a happenstance. Zheem could, if he wished be living in luxury as a member of the Zi Zemish royal family.

Prince Ngumu and the votes of Zi Zemish have so far loyally backed Larkspur’s agendas and policies. With Lady Chyrelli’s defection from the loyalist faction, he is also now the defacto head of the loyalist coalition. A strange position for the head of a conquered nation to find himself.

In that sense, his political plays could be unpredictable. But for the moment, it seems that those who want to avoid Atricus rule can count on him for strong political support.

There is certainly no love lost between Ngumu and the Atricus family, who have imprisoned the woman Ngumu had an affair with almost thirty years ago and keep her imprisoned to this day.

Ngumu currently has a strong alliance, based on long lasting cultural and economic ties, with Jar-Kator and can count on that province to back his plays.

Votes commanded: 12(6)

Prince Ngumu

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