Erin Siara

Senator for the Bardic Collage


Erin Siara is a half elf from Nelvarith and one of only two voices on the Senate for the Bardic Collage. The other is her young apprentice Taryn.


Hundreds of years ago, the Collage had six votes, like the Imperium Archanus. But the Bards teach the stories of the old religion and the Church of Elatar has long frowned on their influence. With the withdrawal of the Dragons from the Senate, the Bards lost their closest allies and their influence has greatly waned. All their votes have been given away to other blocks but two.

Erin is well aware of her tenuous position and so has tried to build political allies who will either back her plays or who count on her two votes. She , the priests of the Old Religion and the Elf Lords of Nelvarith often vote as a block and the Nelvarith votes can generally be counted on to swing Erin’s way.

Erin, the Elves and the Old Religion are currently backing Prince Ngumu’s loyalist coalition. With her Traditionalist Coalition, Erin controls a block with serious political clout.

Votes commanded: 10(2)

Erin Siara

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