Admiral Zheem of the Frostspire

Emperor Larkspur's bastard nephew.


Admiral Zheem is a tall and strong young man who’s dark skin marks him as a southerner from Zi Zemish. His relationship to the Emperor’s family can be readily seen when one meets his eyes. He usually wears his light armor and carries his navel spear, even when he makes appearances before the Senate. When he speaks, he has the voice of an orator and the projection of a legendary commander. It’s no wonder that the navy is enamored with this man.

He also has a reputation as a tactical genius and the southern adventures and conquests of his navy have brought riches flowing back into the Empire, including into the coffers of his biological father, Prince Ngumuof the province of Zi Zemish.


Zheem was born in Jackarast, six months after his mother and her husband Baron Tormil Atricus returned from an extended, diplomatic stay in Zi Zemish. Prince Ngumu at the time was 17. The details of his secret romance with the the Lady Mariel are not known and are rumored to be quite sordid.

What is known, is that Zheem’s coloration was unmistakable proof of her adultery, a crime for which her husband the Baron imprisoned her the Frostspire, along with her bastard son.

Zheem spent the first years of his life at the Frostspire, studying the martial arts with the guardsmen there and learning his way around boats in the near by frozen bays and fjords. When he was nine, his uncle, Emperor Larkspur IX arranged for him to be taken on as a cabin boy aboard the Imperial flagship Victorious. Zheem was a clever and charismatic lad even then and quickly became the personal assistant to the Lord Admiral of the fleet. This lead to him being on a fast track through the ranks and then commanding his own ship at the age of 17. He won his first battle against southern lizard men who outnumbered him two to one, then sailed north as a Commodore with a flotilla to wage an extended campaign against the skull pirates in Nelvarith.

Triumphing over them, Zheem, now 22, sailed to Jar Kator and launched a successful action against separatist elements lead by priests of Sed-Ra-Nunkt which pitted his sailors against risen dead in the sands of the desert. Returning, Zheem was promoted to Admiral at the age of 24. He since has commanded numerous exploration missions south, returning with treasures and charts of unknown lands.

He has set out on such a mission quite recently, and though a magical message has been dispatched to him about the Emeperor’s death, it will take him some time to sail back.

Baronet Mahrg Atricus has no relationship with his half brother and is happy to bad mouth him semi-privately. Zheem has not articulated any feelings about his brother one way or the other.

Admiral Zheem of the Frostspire

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