Missing Archmage, Speaker for the Imperium Arcanus and Chancellor of the Senate


A distinguished older man, well known scholar and accomplished peacemaker. Chancellor Ulichar is well known and well respected. Known for being utterly impartial, the most powerful Magus in the Empire neither sought the Senatorship nor the Chancellorship. Both were thrust upon him, the Imperium Arcanus speaker is always the most accomplished mage in the world, by it’s charter, and he was appointed to the Chancellorship by Imperial fiat by Larkspur for the very qualities of impartiality and efficiency that he has since become known for. A Senate without him is a much more unpredictable and unruly place than with him.

Unfortunately, he’s currently missing.


Ulichar can be trusted to keep the Senate on task and to vote for his perception of what is best for the Empire. He seems to enjoy the game of politics, but he also wants plenty of time to devote to his arcane practice, which motivates him to move through business quickly and to expedite important legislation.

As a mage, Ulichar is unparalleled, far more advanced than even his closest competitor at the Imperium Arcanus. Some say he rivals the Archmages of old, perhaps even equaling the power of the first Emperor and the Lich Lord Zergale.

In Ulichar’s absence, the Vice Chancellor Holbrook Tarth, Speaker for Natreo is acting Chancellor.

Votes commanded: 6 (known for abstaining unless a tie breaker is needed).


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