6 year old girl/Ancient Elemental Guardian.


Laryssa is some kind of non-corporeal Elemental spirit, probably from the Elemental plane of Water. Her humanoid form and personality manifest as a sort of mirror companion to the one who summons her, thus she is in the form of a small child because she was summoned by the the Child Emperor Anton the XIV.

Her known powers are:

She can automatically sense any attempt to penetrate her ice shield by physical means. The ice, is, in affect, a sensory organ connected to her.

Travel anywhere within Elderspire at will.

To surround the tower of Elderspire with a thick wall of regenerating ice. The ice has DR 20/fire, 200 hit points and regenerates 20 hit points a round.

To hit intruders with heat seeking, explosive 20d6 damage ice balls.

To freeze things with a touch, dealing 6d10 cold damage as a touch attack.

To open a magic portal from her underground waterfall connected to any waterfall in any land claimed by the Empire.


She is bound by ancient magic to the tower of Elderspire, and can be summoned when the rightful Emperor wears the Imperial Crown, holds the Imperial Scepter and, from the battlements of the tower declares “By the Blood of the Emperor, I command the defense of Elderspire be raised!”

Laryssa remembers things from ancient years, but is about as interested in them as any six year old girl with a new best friend would be.

Anton is her new best friend. Left to their own devices, the two will distract each other from nearly ANY constructive activity an adult attempts to assign to them.


By the Blood of the Emperor thebardingreen