Earl Kyrial of Timian

Nephew of Larkspur IX by way of his mad sister.


An effeminate and foppish young man of 19 who dotes on his addled mother and rarely leaves his ancestral manner house in eastern Melishore.


The Earl has only been to the capital a few times. He is whispered to be (contradictorily) a boy lover and pederast, a homosexual with a taste for old men, an asexual, a hereditary eunuch, actually a woman, his mother’s incestuous lover and his mother’s bastard son by a halfling trader.

Very little of this is too his face.

He is, technically, a possible candidate for the Regency, but might be difficult to confirm, as both the Atricus coalition and the loyalists who favor Admiral Zheem would reject him out of hand.

Earl Kyrial of Timian

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