Duchess Cheryl Chyrelli

Speaker for Senithel.


An older woman of regal bearing, Lady Chyrelli is the former Emperor’s maternal aunt and the speaker for the Capital province of Senithel, the original country from which the Empire spread.


Those close to the Emperor have always known her as a close family member and political supporter of Larkspur IX. Her recent siding with Mahrg Atricus and his political coalition is a slap in the face to her family and to her lifelong support of Larkspur’s policies.

It is also a dire blow to the loyalist coalition she built with Prince Ngumu, who’s agenda was to get the Emperor’s bastard nephew Admiral Zheem declared Regent.

Duchess Chyrelli has deep ties to Mellishore and can count on the votes of the Senators from the East.

Votes commanded: 17(10)

Duchess Cheryl Chyrelli

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