Baronet Mahrg Atricus, Speaker for Jackarast

Emperor Larkspur's nephew, Speaker for Jackarast.


Baronet Mahrg Atricus, the former Emperor’s nephew by way of his elder sister, the Lady Meriel, still imprisoned for adultery in the northern fortress of Frostspire. The Baronet is a young man in his mid twenties, haughty and angry.

Looking into his eyes is unsettling. One cannot shake the feeling that the Baronet is a little mad.

Everywhere he goes, the Baronet wears a red toga, a gaudy necklace of various precious stones carved in the shape of skulls and a pair of gold bracelets set with rubies and sapphires. Always with him is his large, axe wielding ogre bodyguard.


The Baronet never closely bonded with his mother, the lady Mariel, being that she was imprisoned in his second year. He has also had no relationship with his half brother Zheem or really with his mother’s side of the family. He was instead raised by his father, Baron Tormil Atricus, a hard and ambitious man who’s iron fist and warlike demeanor were forged on the battlefields of the northern forests.

Mahrg however has spent most of his adult life in the Capital, first as a junior senator from Jackarast and more recently as the Speaker for the province of Jackarast. He is famous for his arrogance and his decadence. He is known for throwing wild parties, spending lavish amounts of money. For example, he recently commissioned an immense and pompous statue of himself, wielding a sword on a horse, and had it erected without permission in front of the Senate hall. The military immediately moved to in front of his house.

The Baronet has no relationship with his half brother and is happy to bad mouth him semi-privately. Zheem has not articulated any feelings about his brother one way or the other.

Lately, there have been very timid rumors of worse things going on. Rumors that the Baronet is insane. That he worships dark forces. That he has brought prostitutes to his home and they are never seen again.

The Baronet seems to have conspired with the formerly loyal Duchess Cheryl Chyrelli to launch a new coalition in the Senate. This coalition seems to wield enough votes at the moment to rule by fiat. If this continues, the Baronet’s father Tormil, will doubtlessly be confirmed as Regent by the Senate.

Votes commanded: 9

Baronet Mahrg Atricus, Speaker for Jackarast

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