Archbishop Birtram Tanglefoot

Speaker for the Church of Elatar


A intense firebrand speaker and hotheaded politician, Archbishop Tanglefoot is a passionate follower of the Righteous Order of Elatar.


The Archbishop can be counted on generally to enforce loyalty in the Senators from the Church. He has wielded his power in such a way that ALL the Church’s votes are currently held by followers of the Righteous Order, a state of affairs that cause intense discontent amongst the followers of the Pious Order.

Tanglefoot would like to see a theocracy in the Empire, an agenda that put him at odds with Emperor Larkspur. While it will, in the long run put him at odds with the Atricus camp (neither Mahrg nor Tormil are theocrats), he is currently voting with the Atricus coalition.

Votes commanded: 6

Archbishop Birtram Tanglefoot

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