Emperor Larkspur IX is dead of a sudden and suspicious illness. His son, Anton the XIV is only six years old, and now under siege in the magical tower of Elderspire in the Imperial Capital, protected from power hungry Imperial nobles only by the former Emperor’s most trusted advisers.

While the Senate plays vicious politics, as the Duchess Cheryl Chyrelli, trusted maternal aunt of the deceased Emperor leads a treacherous political coup against factions loyal to the former Emperor, dark and possibly necromantic forces prowl the woods outside the city. Trouble is brewing in the city’s underbelly, rumors of an immanent gang war abound. An archmage is missing, and dark magics have been stolen from the Imperium Arcanus. A growing schism in the Church of Elatar threatens to destabilize the world’s most powerful religion.

Can a few of the former Emperor’s loyal friends hold things together long enough to thwart the true evil, which threatens to rise from the Chaos? We shall see.

By the Blood of the Emperor